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About The Project

“when you feed the simple food project, you never have to wonder what your kitty is eating.”


We believe our pets deserve real food in amounts proportional to their naturally carnivorous diets. We also understand that in the busyness of our daily lives, preparing a daily gourmet meal for our cats is somewhat unattainable. We wanted to provide a solution, so we created The Simple Food Project: the healthfulness of a freshly prepared meal with the convenience of “scoop & serve”. Tested & approved by our own kitties, we hope yours love it just as much!



What’s In A Box?

Made entirely of fresh, whole foods. No rendered meals, no fillers, no synthetic vitamins and minerals. Just real, whole food.

Complete & Balanced

The Simple food Project Salmon & Chicken Recipe is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for adult maintenance



Serving Suggestions

Cats are Individuals with a capital I, so why would their eating habits be any different. Start by using the daily feeding guide below and adjust to your own cat’s needs. We suggest dividing the amount of food into two portions, feeding in both the AM & PM



Per your kitty’s tastes, rehydrate by adding +/- 5/8 cup warm water or bone broth for every cup of food, wait two minutes, mix, & serve. Simple Food can be fed dry, but always provide clean drinking water on the side.


Feeding Directions

Raw food requires safe-handling. Be sure to wash hands, bowls, surfaces, & utensils before and after feeding. Keep food sealed until ready to use and separate from other foods.

Simple Food Project - Freeze Dried Raw - Salmon & Chicken Recipe