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Nutram is a 100% Canadian, family-owned pet wellness company with a holistic approach to pet nutrition. Nutram’s team of in-house Certified Nutritionists and Holistic Experts craft each recipe to maximize nutrient absorption.

Our recipes and Optimum Combinations™ not only provide complete and balanced nutrition, but support proper digestion for truly multi-beneficial and nutrient-rich food that improve your pets' wellness from the inside out. So while your pet counts on you to give them their daily dose of Vitamin L (love!), you can count on Nutram to give them the rest.


100% Made in Germany. TenePops are a great treat for dogs with food allergies or food intolerances, since they only contain 2-3 high quality ingredients, 


TenePops are made with 100 % natural ingredients, and the insects supply dogs with important nutrients. Each TenePop contains less than 1 kcal, thus making them a great diet-treat for overweight dogs.

All products are produced without wheat or gluten. In addition, the potato flavors are also grain-free. We don’t add any sugar, additives or preservatives to our TenePops. This makes TenePops a natural snack alternative for any customer who wants to treat their dog with a healthy delight.


Human Grade, Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Pet Food 


All of our meals are made with nothing but 100% fresh human grade ingredients, lovingly made at our very own human grade food facility in Yorkshire, UK. 

Ditch the brown biscuits and join the Pure revolution! Naturally dehydrated and freeze dried pet food allowing owners to conveniently provide their pets with the goodness found in raw and homemade food #PetFoodWithADifference

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Australian Produce - Uno Doggo Natural Dog Treats are derived from happy, well-fed, disease-free animals


We stay true to our promise of providing only the best treats made from the highest quality ingredients. Uno Doggo Natural Dog treats are made from 100% Australian Ingredients (no, we do not import any ingredients from other countries into Australia and process them!)

All of our treats are certified Product of Australia by the very passionate folks over at Australian Made Campaign Limited


The abundance of pasture land and mild climate traditionally allows livestock to be entirely grass-fed or range-fed in a healthy, natural environment. Australia prides itself on its very strict biosecurity controls and laws to ensure livestock in the country remains disease-free. Uno treats are sourced from free range roos that have been nourished with fresh air, wild grass and fresh water

No preservatives, additives, colouring, fillers. NO NASTIES