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Australian Produce - Uno Doggo Natural Dog Treats are derived from happy, well-fed, disease-free animals


We stay true to our promise of providing only the best treats made from the highest quality ingredients. Uno Doggo Natural Dog treats are made from 100% Australian Ingredients (no, we do not import any ingredients from other countries into Australia and process them!)

All of our treats are certified Product of Australia by the very passionate folks over at Australian Made Campaign Limited


The abundance of pasture land and mild climate traditionally allows livestock to be entirely grass-fed or range-fed in a healthy, natural environment. Australia prides itself on its very strict biosecurity controls and laws to ensure livestock in the country remains disease-free. Uno treats are sourced from free range roos that have been nourished with fresh air, wild grass and fresh water

No preservatives, additives, colouring, fillers. NO NASTIES

Single Ingredient Natural Treats

Natural Kangaroo Treats

Kangaroo Flap

Kangaroo Ribs

Kangaroo Tail Disk

Natural Beef Treats

Beef Jerky

Beef Liver

Natural Chicken Treats

Chicken Fillet

Chicken Neck