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Our Science-Backed Formulas for HealthyDogs.

Proven essential nutrients to support your dog’s health and vitality throughout a lifetime.

Happy Bond Powdered

HAPPYBOND Nutrients For Your Dog's Whole Health

100% active ingredients


shinier coat


improve mobility




human grade


Happy Bond's unique formula with glucosamine is combined with the highest-grade hydrolized collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamins. It’s the best choice to give your pet. Just sprinkle over their food daily. Happy Bond's collagen is pork based and dogs love the flavor!

Happy Bond is made for pets with joint or musculoskeletal issues – and it can be used as a preventative! Developed by real dog owners, Happy Bond was scientifically formulated, using only natural ingredients.


I’m a biotech scientist – and dog lover – specializing in cartilage tissue engineering. My dog Tony loves to skateboard, and when he couldn’t skate anymore, my heart broke. I had to use my research to help him! I developed Happy Again and within weeks of taking it, Tony was playing and skating again! I shared Happy Bond with my friends and now it’s my life mission to help all dogs be healthy and happy!


Happy Bond -  The Best Joint Supplement for Pets

HAPPYBOND - Puppy and Young 0-3 (Happy Start)
HAPPYBOND - Adult 3-7 (Happy Days)
HAPPYBOND - Senior 7+ (Happy Again)
  • IMPROVE MOBILITY – Formulated to support joint health. Use HAPPY BOND with young dogs to keep joints healthy as they age.

  • COLLAGEN – Highest quality of hydrolyzed collagen from Germany helps induce the production of cartilage, keeping joints elastic and mobile. Protects skin and coat.

  • GLUCOSAMIN – Aids with supporting healthy cartilage and increasing maintaining fluids around the joints.

  • HYALURONIC ACID & VITAMINS – combined with our core ingredients to produce the highest quality formula. Highest concentration of active ingredients among brands in category.

  • 100% SAFE. TESTED & APPROVED – Sourced and manufactured in Germany adhering to strict production standards.

Happy Bond proprietary formula helps pets in different phases of their life. We like to break Happy Bond into 2 groups:

Puppies, Young and Adult Pets

Use Happy Bond as a preventative! It can help keep your young dog’s joints elastic and cartilage strong maintaining their youth. Prolong their youth and keep their coat shiny.

Aging Pets

If your dog is stiff getting up, seems reluctant to engage in normal activities or already has joint discomfort, then Happy Again may be able to help.

Happy Again Benefits
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