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New Zealand Deer Milk

Superfood P{et Supplement

A World First in Pet Nutrition

Our Story

In 2022, Nutrideer emerged from the passion of three devoted pet parents with a wealth of experience in the deer farming industry. Having seen the incredible healing powers of deer products in human nutrition, the team were determined to bring this incredible goodness to our beloved pets as well.

After years of research, expert advice, and formulation, we are proud to introduce Nutrideer Superfood Pet Powder Supplements, enriched with a secret ingredient - Deer Milk. We know how important it is to nourish our loving companions with the best, and that's exactly what we want to provide for all pets around the world.

Product line
world first in deer milk
Made in New Zealand

Made in New Zealand with

the highest quality, human

grade, natural ingredients,

sourced ethically from

reputable farmers and


The first pet supplement

in the world to offer the

unique and highly

nutritious DEER MILK as

our hero ingredient.

Backed by Science

Backed by science and

research, our formulations

are carefully created for their

high performing bioactives to

support a pet range of heath

and wellbeing concerns..

Our Ingredients

At the core of all our products lies our hero ingredient - New Zealand Deer Milk powder. But Nutrideer is much more that that. We've carefully handpicked a range of high performing deer by-products and other New Zealand natural ingredients that compliment each other to deliver scientifically proven benefits. Every ingredient serves a scientific purpose. We believe in the power of synergy - when ingredients work together as a team to deliver results for your beloved pets.

Deer Milk Powder


Pure Deer Milk Powder for optimal health support.


Product benefits:

  • Protein-rich - significantly more protein than other dairy sources, meats, or plants to support musculoskeletal system during their active years and as they age

  • Excellent source of vital minerals like calcium and magnesium for strong bones and muscles

  • Essential Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that support inflammation control and immune function.

  • And even for the fussiest of pets,... it tastes deer-licious!

Young and Free


Young and Free is the essential supplement for pets under one year old.

Specifically formulated to support the crucial early development phase to provide that strong foundation to give your pet support for a fulfilling, healthy life.


Product benefits:

  • Bioactive proteins to support bone and tissue development

  • Growth factors to support healthy growth and immune function Essential vitamins and minerals for early development

  • Omega fatty acids to support healthy skin and coat

  • Antioxidants for essential immune system development and support.

Move and Play


Supports: Mobility | Stiffness | Injury/Recovery | Post Surgery | Preventative support for future mobility problems.

Move and Play supports your pet to move more freely and have more energy for daily activities.


Product features:

  • Bioactive proteins and lipids to support bone and tissue

  • Growth factors and peptides to boost mobility

  • Anti-inflammatory properties to support physiological function Cell and tissue support.

Old And Wise


Supports: Senior Pets | Immune Support | Gut Health | Bones and Muscle Support

It is easy to ignore the subtle signs of ageing in our pets, but it is important to act before problems compound and their quality of life decreases.

Product benefits:

  • Bioactive proteins to support the ageing process

  • Growth factors and peptides mobility and vitality

  • Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus to support joints and bones Healthy gut support for strong immune health

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