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Real Food for Dogs and Cats

We believe our pets deserve real food in amounts proportional to their naturally carnivorous diets. We also understand that in the busyness of our daily lives, preparing a daily gourmet meal for our dogs is somewhat unattainable. We wanted to provide a solution, so we created The Simple Food Project: the healthfulness of a freshly prepared meal with the convenience of "scoop & serve". Tested & approved by our own dogs, we hope yours love it just as much!

Nutrients From Whole Foods  

Because all our vitamins and minerals come from natural food sources, it’s important to us that those sources are of the highest quality. If humans can get the nutrients they need without piles of synthetic vitamins and minerals, then *gosh dang it* so can dogs!

A “whole foods” claim should imply that the ingredients are familiar and easily identifiable. A quick glance at our raw materials, and you can recognize exactly what is what.

Our recipes are all sourced in the USA and made in our own facility in Wisconsin. We believe in only using ingredients that are human-grade, and we take pride in formulating a food that meets all nutritional standards without using synthetic vitamins or minerals. Our food is grain-free, limited ingredient, raw, and convenient.


Simple. Clean. Fresh.

Fresh & raw, our USDA-Inspected meats and grocery-grade produce are freeze dried and dry roasted into a delicious blend of scoopable goodness. With ingredients you can recognize and taste your pups will gobble up, its no wonder dogs are giving it two paws up!


No nonsense. Just real food.

The simplest food you’ve ever seen

Freeze Dried Whole Food
Dog Food Beef and Salmon
Dog Food Duck and Trout
Dog Food Chicken and Turkey
Cat Food Whitefish and Duck
Cat Food Salmon and Chicken
Cat Food Chicken and Turkey
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