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Green Juju

The Green Juju Story

Green Juju was created by Kelley Marian in January 2014 watching her once-lively yellow lab, Bailey, struggle as a result of a cancer diagnosis the previous fall. Given Bailey’s condition at that time – struggling with a weak immune system and difficulty recovering from the biopsy – Kelley couldn’t see putting her through major surgery. Given few choices for conventional treatment, Kelley initially opted to treat her holistically.

Around that time, Kelley had been striving to overcome her own health issues with juicing and whole foods, so she decided to try the same approach with Bailey. Thanks to a raw diet, healthy fresh greens, plus Chinese herbs and acupuncture, Kelley watched Bailey transition to a healthy, happy and stronger dog. With the help of a canine nutrition specialist and after consulting with holistic and conventional veterinarians, Bailey’s fresh greens soon became known as Green Juju.

Although they had kept cancer from spreading for more than a year, Bailey would still need surgery to be cancer-free. The good news was that she was now strong enough to manage the surgery and her immune system was at a level that would provide a quick and successful recovery. As the story of Bailey and Green Juju spread, Kelley shared her research, information she’d collected and her specially developed blend. With the impact she’d seen Green Juju have on Bailey she wanted to help other dog owners.

Now Green Juju has grown to offer a variety of products, including frozen vegetable blends, hydrating bone broths, freeze-dried whole food bites, fermented pastes and pure raw goat’s milk. No matter what you choose, you’ll be offering a healthy supplement and an easy way to add fresh whole foods to your dog’s diet.


At Green Juju, we keep our ingredient panels short, and that’s intentional. Less is more when it comes to the natural, health-promoting properties of real whole foods. We pioneered fresh greens blends using all organic produce. By incorporating grass-fed novel proteins like bison, beef, organic turkey, free-range duck and wild-caught salmon, our products are an option for even the most sensitive pets.
It’s the easiest way to add fresh foods to any diet. Browse our products below to review the ingredients and check out the guaranteed analysis for a full nutritional breakdown.



This complete and balanced, limited-ingredient raw diet starts with responsibly sourced, high-quality proteins, including nutrient-rich organ meat. Then we add a dark, leafy green and kelp. No grains, gluten or fillers. No synthetic vitamins or minerals. Only nourishing, natural ingredients for healthy, happy, energetic pups.

Dog Food Pork Recipe
Dog Food Rabbit and Duck Liver
Dog Food Beef Recipe

Rabbit Recipe with Duck Liver

Ingredients: Whole rabbit (with bone), duck liver, organic collard greens, organic kelp, vitamin E supplement

Pork Recipe

Ingredients: Pork heart, pork, pork liver, pork bone, organic collard greens, organic kelp, vitamin E supplement

Beef Recipe

Ingredients: Beef heart, beef liver, beef kidney, beef bone, organic kale, organic kelp, vitamin E supplement

Dog Food Bison Recipe

Bison Recipe

Ingredients: Bison heart, bison liver, bison kidney, bison bone, organic dandelion greens, organic kelp, vitamin E supplement

Lamb Recipe

Ingredients: Lamb heart, lamb liver, lamb necks (with bone), organic collard greens, organic kelp, vitamin E supplement.

Goat Recipe

Ingredients: Goat heart, goat (with bone), goat liver, goat kidney, organic parsley, organic kelp, vitamin E supplement.


Inspired by our popular Just Greens Blend, this freeze-dried version makes it easier to feed healthy. Plus, by popular demand, we’ve added nettles to bolster this delicious recipe.

Green Juju Just Greens

Freeze-Dried Just Greens Blend With Nettles

Ingredients: Organic zucchini, organic celery, organic kale, organic dandelion greens, organic coconut flour, organic parsley, organic coconut oil, organic nettles, organic ginger, organic turmeric


We’ve infused high-quality proteins with vibrantly colored organic fruits and vegetables to create irresistible freeze-dried whole food bites. Feed them as high-value treats or a nutrient-dense meal topper.

Beef Red Toppers / Whole bites
Pork Pink Toppers / Whole bites
Duck Orange Toppers / Whole bites
 Bison Green Toppers / Whole bites

Freeze-Dried Beef Red Bites

Ingredients: Beef hearts, beef liver, organic carrots, organic beets, organic turmeric, mixed tocopherols* (a natural preservative) *non-GMO

Freeze-Dried Bison Green Bites

Ingredients: Bison hearts, bison liver, organic kale, organic dandelion greens, organic kelp, mixed tocopherols* (a natural preservative) *non-GMO

Freeze-Dried Duck Orange Bites

Ingredients: Duck with bone, duck liver, organic butternut squash, organic carrots, organic turmeric, organic fenugreek seed, mixed tocopherols* (a natural preservative) *non-GMO

Freeze-Dried Pork Pink Bites

Ingredients: Pork, pork heart, pork liver, organic parsnips, organic beets, organic strawberries, mixed tocopherols* (a natural preservative) *non-GMO

Salmon Blue Toppers / Whole bites

Freeze-Dried Salmon Blue Bites

Ingredients: Salmon, organic purple cabbage, organic blueberries, organic fenugreek, mixed tocopherols* (a natural preservative) *non-GMO


Give your dog a healthy, high-value treats on-the-go with our nutrient-rich single-ingredient protein trainers. Choose from Bison Liver, Rabbit or Salmon!

Bison Liver Trainers
Salmon Trainers
Rabbit Trainers

Single-Ingredient Bison Liver Trainers

Ingredients: Bison liver

Single-Ingredient Rabbit Trainers

Ingredients: Rabbit

Single-Ingredient Salmon Trainers

Ingredients: Salmon

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