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TEEF for Life's Protektin30™ for cats is a water additive for easy, at-home daily dental hygiene. This formulation contains Organic green algae cracked cell wall (Chlorella) to help absorb fungal toxins associated with stomatitis. TEEF's vegan, prebiotic technology leverages the fundamentals of microbiology and molecular nutrition to promote dental health and fresh breath in a safe, revolutionary way. Just one scoop per day in drinking water works to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria while growing beneficial bacteria essential for optimal dental health.

Every drink works to bathe oral bacteria in our patented formula, which works like a molecular meal plan that puts microbes on a Keto diet. Steering bacteria away from carbohydrates and sugars and towards proteins and amino acids results in healthier and less stinky by-products that cause dental disease. TEEF doesn't kill bacteria, it simply enhances the good bacteria to out-compete the bad for optimal dental health.

1. Remove reusable TEEF glass jar from box.
2. Add desiccant to reusable TEEF jar and do not remove.
3. Store jar in a safe place where you're reminded to add it to your pet's water dish daily.
4. Keep the jar! Order 1-6 Refill Powder Packs at a discount.
5. Add one scoop to your pet's water dish daily. Top off as needed.

Dental Kit Contents: Reusable Glass Jar, 30 Servings Protektin™ powder pack(s)/sachet(s), Desiccant, and Pre-measured scoop (1/32 tsp)


60 Days servings contains 2 Powder Packs

TEEF! Daily Dental Care

$47.50 Regular Price
$38.00Sale Price
  • TEEF!™ is a labor of love Dr. Emily Stein PhD originally developed to help her own grandmother maintain better dental hygiene. After witnessing both her grandmother and senior rescue pup experience life-threatening health issues from dental care neglect, Emily knew she needed to develop and innovate. Her extensive background in microbiology and immunology and research, combined with her passion to improve the health of people and pets is changing the game.

  • Dental prebiotic for cats

    Protektin30™ takes an entirely different, safer approach to daily dental care. Containing only 4 pure ingredients (no additives, chemicals, colors or preservatives), our formula works synergistically on oral bacteria to naturally improve the oral microbiome. P30 is clinically-proven to stop the growth of destructive, disease-causing bacteria while growing beneficial, protective bacteria essential for dental health.

    Cruelty free. Our prebiotic technology was originally developed for humans, so our products are human-tested and kitty-approved.  

    1 unit includes:

    • 1, 0.25 oz jar with 30 servings of Protektin42™ in a gusseted ziplock pouch
    • Desiccant in jar for moisture control (do not remove)
    • Serving scoop (.15cc) 
    • Product information & instruction pamphlet
    • Peace of mind
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