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Pure Deer Milk Powder for optimal health support. 100% Pure Freeze Dried Deer Milk.


Nutrideer are proud to be the first in the World to present 100% Pure Deer Milk Powder for your pet's health -  a breakthrough ingredient to support your pet's optimal health and wellbeing. Sourced from the lush farmlands of South Canterbury, Deer Milk has been proven to be a powerful nutritional supplement with numerous beneficial attributes.


Product benefits:

  • Protein-rich - significantly more protein than other dairy sources, meats, or plants to supporting musculoskeletal system during their active years and as they age
  • Excellent source of vital minerals like calcium and magnesium for strong bones and muscles
  • Essential Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that support inflammation control and immune function.


And even for the fussiest of pets, it tastes deer-licious, so you can ensure your pet is getting quality nutrient support from a daily sprinkle.


**Your best friend deserves the very best! They will absolutely love these scientifically-supported and remarkable nutrients, based on an average 6-week supply per bottle, with potential variations depending on your pet's size and how often you use them.

100% Pure Freeze Dried Deer Milk Powder

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  • 100% Pure New Zealand Deer Milk powder (Freeze dried).

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