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Young and Free is the essential supplement for younger pets, under 4 years.


Specifically formulated to support the crucial early development phase to provide that strong foundation to give your pet support for a fulfilling, healthy life. Our superfood base ingredient, NZ Deer Milk powder, provides one of the richest sources of natural protein and good fats found in foods. We've gone further and included other ingredients with powerful bioactive compounds that target every cell in your pet's body to ensure optimal development as they grow. Young and Free also supports gut health so that your pet develops a strong immune system to fight potential disease. 

Young and Free will work its' natural goodness on their early stages of development.


Product benefits:

  • Bioactive proteins to support bone and tissue development
  • Growth factors to support healthy growth and immune function
  • Essential vitamins and minerals for early development
  • Omega fatty acids to support healthy skin and coat
  • Antioxidants for essential immune system development and support.


**Your best friend deserves the very best! They will absolutely love these scientifically-supported and remarkable nutrients, based on an average 6-week supply per bottle, with potential variations depending on your pet's size and how often you use them.

Young and Free

  • Deer Milk Powder, Deer Bone Powder, Manuka Honey Powder, NZ Flax Seed Powder, Green Shell Mussel Powder.

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